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Active Release Techniques & Sports & Deep Tissue Massage Therapy in Aspen & Basalt
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About Shawn Hadley - Certified Massage Therapist & Certified Active Release Techniques Provider
Other Services

In addition to Active Release Techniques®, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage Therapy, Shawn Hadley offers other services and bodywork modalities in his practice to help you overcome injury, accelerate recovery and improve performance. Click on the link below to learn the specifics of the other services offered.

Yoga for Athletes
Applied Kinesiology
Sports Event Massage/ART®
Sports Massage Lectures/Presentations

Yoga for Athletes
Yoga is powerful way to improve your athleticism. By gaining balance, flexibility, and core strength you will improve your power, form and efficiency in any sport, and at any level. In addition, by focusing on your breath and developing somatic awareness and concentration, inherent to any yoga practice, you will improve your mental focus and endurance. Which always comes in handy at the conclusion of any hard effort, be it training, racing or an epic day of play. The practice of yoga postures (asana), breath exercises (pranayama) and the mental and spiritual aspects of yoga will provide integration of the body, mind and breath. Teaching you how to stay calm, grounded and focused in the face of any adversity or intensity you may experience, training, competing or playing, on the trail, road, ski hill, or even in life. Together we can determine a routine of postures that will compliment your sport. Helping you find balance and flexibility in the areas of your body that need it most.

Applied Kinesiology
Applied Kinesiology is system of therapy based on the utilization of postural and energetic balancing techniques in a holistic, non-diagnosis model of health and wellness maintenance. AK involves muscle testing, resisting touch, and therapy localization, determining what strengthening/balancing techniques to use. AK also involves strengthening/balancing techniques, utilizing specific light and deep pressure points, to restore energy flow and balance to the acupuncture meridians (energy systems) of the body. Nearly everyone can benefit from AK, but especially those looking for balance, pain relief, peak performance, and to develop and discover their natural healing abilities, augmenting their existing health care routine.

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Shawn's combination of skill, intuition and compassion enabled him to help me recover from muscle pain that other bodyworkers had not been able to "budge". I appreciate Shawn's caring and professionalism.
Kristen Will - CMT/Anatomy Instructor - Lakewood, Colorado

Sports Event Massage and Active Release Techniques®
Are you looking for a Sports Massage Therapist or Certified ART® Provider or a group of therapists/providers to serve your team or organization at your next competition or big event? If so, I can help. I can provide on-site Sports Massage and Active Release Techniques® for any event that could benefit from having a therapist/provider(s) on hand to serve those involved. Please contact me and we can discuss your exact needs. I have years of experience both being served by, and working as, an event-based Sports Massage Therapist/ART® Provider. It is crucial to any major race, run or ride!

Sports Massage Lectures/Presentations
Are you looking for someone to speak at your next team meeting or big event? If so, I can help. I can present on many topics that can and will make a difference in your team or organizations’ training and competition. Please contact me and we can discuss the possibilities, what exactly you are looking for, and where I can fit in to educate and motivate your group.

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Shawn is the most in-touch therapist around. His ability to sense my specific needs is unparalleled!
Rob Layne - Security Consultant - Denver, Colorado

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