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What Is Sports Massage?

Sports Massage is modality of therapeutic massage that is used before, during or after athletic events and activities. Dating back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, the importance of massage was recognized for the maintenance and improvement of athletic performance. In the U.S., around the late nineteenth century, athletes established “rubdowns” as a regular part of their training routines, and it became recognized and credited as a part of elite performances. Today from the collegiate level, through the professional and Olympic levels of competition, the modality of massage now known as Sports Massage is a part of every athletes training and recovery routine – for good reason.

The primary benefits of Sports Massage include:

  • faster recovery
  • reduction of adhesions
  • enhanced collagen remodeling
  • reduced muscle spasms, cramps and trigger points
  • improved range of motion and tissue flexibility
  • decreased sports injuries
  • improved overall muscle balancing
  • enhanced local circulation
  • reduced edema
  • reduced pain

    The net physiological effect of routine Sports Massage is an increase of function and performance more consistently on a higher level – making your peak potential a reality! Better yet, nearly everyone who is active, looking for relief and an edge to their sport (cycling, golf, skiing, running, and court and field sports) can benefit, from the weekend warrior to the amateur or professional athlete.

    I commonly treat clients using protocols that I have specifically created for individual sports (cycling massage, golf massage, etc.) These routines address certain muscle groups and strain patterns specific to repetitive actions and how the body is positioned in each individual sport.

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