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Active Release Techniques & Sports & Deep Tissue Massage Therapy in Aspen & Basalt
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About Shawn Hadley - Certified Massage Therapist & Certified Active Release Techniques Provider
Is your game struggling due to a recent surgery, nagging injury or overuse pattern? Do you want to recover quickly from your training and competitions? Want to gain an edge over your competitors? Are you looking to improve your athletic performance? If so…

Shawn Hadley - Soft Tissue Rehabilitation is the solution.

Hi, I’m Shawn Hadley! I specialize in Active Release Techniques®, Sports and Deep Tissue Massage Therapy in the beautiful Roaring Fork Valley, conveniently located in downtown Aspen.

You can overcome injury, decrease recovery time, and find peak potential in your athletic endeavors. There are powerful and highly effective techniques that can greatly improve range of motion, free up nerve entrapments, lengthen shortened and hypertonic muscles, break down scar tissue and enhance collagen remodeling, reduce adhesion, muscle cramping, inflammation, spasm and pain, and increase flexibility and strength. We can identify and address areas of tension and overuse patterns before injury occurs. Instead of being in pain and fear of a distressing injury you can experience kinesthetic feedback – feeling your muscles relax, joints decompress and a greater sense of ease with movement.

I help athletes overcome injury, accelerate recovery time and improve performance through my integrated bodywork methodologies.

Working with Shawn keeps me where I want to be - out in the mountains. He is consistently able to help me recover from the wear and tear I put on myself, and his preventive techniques and instruction help to keep me injury-free. As an athlete himself, he knows how to improve performance and helps me reach my full potential.
Christy Mahon - Pro Skier/Ultra Endurance Trail Runner - Aspen, Colorado

I invite you to explore this website and discover exactly how I can help you too.

I look forward in helping you overcome injury, accelerate recovery and improve performance,

Shawn Hadley
Certified Active Release Technique Provider®
Certified Deep Tissue & Sports Massage Therapist

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