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I had been struggling with a sore hip/thigh that was really affecting my yoga practice as well as my life in general. Walking into his treatment room I felt a sense of peace and calmness that immediately invoked a feeling of relaxation. Shawn spent time speaking with me about what was happening in my life and about the discomfort I was feeling in my body. It was the first time I really had been asked about more than just what parts I wanted to work on. I felt great afterwards, but the real test for me was going to be when I went to my yoga class. I was in shock at how the discomfort was completely gone. I could do my practice to the full extent without having to bypass positions and have not had any pain come back since.

Jaime Vanecko, School Teacher

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Deep Tissue Massage Therapy –
Deep Tissue Massage Therapy is a modality of therapeutic massage that is used to soften, lengthen, and release holding patterns in the body, thus altering the structural alignment. The goal of a Deep Tissue Massage Therapist, as defined by my one of my teachers, Art Riggs, is: “to understand of the layers of the body, and the ability to work with the tissue in these layers to relax, lengthen, and release holding patterns in the most effective and energy efficient ways possible.”

This is very different than what most people perceive or understand Deep Tissue Massage to be. It’s not about the “no pain, no gain” approach, although there is less of an emphasis on pleasure and more of an emphasis on altering structural alignment and muscle restriction. Not to say it’s not pleasurable or relaxing. Most clients, once they are familiar with Deep Tissue Massage, prefer the work because of the lasting effects and the alleviation of pain that it provides.

The spectrum of Deep Tissue Massage is broad and varies depending on the goals and intentions the Deep Tissue Massage Therapist establishes with the client. The focus and pace required–which is much slower with clear, specific intentions–leaves the client feeling refreshed and invigorated. Everyone from young to old can benefit from the lasting effects it provides. And athletes in particular benefit tremendously from Deep Tissue Massage.

Sports Massage –
Sports Massage is modality of therapeutic massage that is used before, during or after athletic events and activities. Dating back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, the importance of massage was recognized for the maintenance and improvement of athletic performance. In the U.S., around the late nineteenth century, athletes established “rubdowns” as a regular part of their training routines, and it became recognized and credited as a part of elite performances. Today from the collegiate level, through the professional and Olympic levels of competition, the modality of massage now known as Sports Massage is a part of every athletes training and recovery routine for good reason.

The net physiological effect of routine Sports Massage is an increase of function and performance more consistently on a higher level – making your peak potential a reality! Better yet, nearly everyone who is active, looking for relief and an edge to their sport (cycling, golf, skiing, running, and court and field sports) can benefit, from the weekend warrior to the amateur or professional athlete.

Yoga for Athletes –
Yoga is powerful way to improve your athleticism. By gaining balance, flexibility, and core strength you will improve your power, form and efficiency in any sport, and at any level. In addition, by focusing on your breath and developing somatic awareness and concentration, inherent to any yoga practice, you will improve your mental focus and endurance. Which always comes in handy at the conclusion of any hard effort, be it training, racing or an epic day of play. The practice of yoga postures (asana), breath exercises (pranayama) and the mental and spiritual aspects of yoga will provide integration of the body, mind and breath. Teaching you how to stay calm, grounded and focused in the face of any adversity or intensity you may experience, training, competing or playing, on the trail, road, ski hill, or even in life. Together we can determine a routine of postures that will compliment your sport. Helping you find balance and flexibility in the areas of your body that need it most.

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