Effortless Mindfulness

Shawn has an amazing ability to calm your system down and hold space for what is going on. He has helped me so many times clear up knee injuries and back pain. I’ve gone into his office barely standing up straight and by the end of our session I’m upright and pain free. I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of spending time with him!

Laurin Seiden, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Life Coach

What Is Effortless Mindfulness?

Effortless Mindfulness as describe by my teacher Loch Kelly is form of mindfulness that involves shifting your awareness from everyday mind (a mind that doesn’t rest and is frequently distracted) into an already awake and alert mind that is naturally calm, focused, compassionate and non-conceptually intelligent in the Now. Effortless mindfulness can enable us to grow beyond our current small, self-centered ego identification to live from a more open-hearted, interconnected and embodied ground of well-being. This shift can have a radical impact on all levels of pain be-it emotional, spiritual, mental and even physical pain as well.

By becoming aware of the various levels of mind and types of awareness, we can develop a practice that enables us to wake up from our mistaken identity and relationship to pain. This allows the pain we may be experiencing to come to a level of mind and awareness that doesn’t dwell and identify with it as our everyday mind would. Thus, giving us full permission to feel and relate to the pain from a more open and accepting awareness.

Every session will use a combination of somatic embodiment and shifting levels of mind. We will use various glimpses (periods of shifting our awareness) throughout the session to assist in establishing a new relationship with the pain we may be experiencing. Through the use of breath, kinesthetic, visual or auditory awareness we can establish this shift giving you tools to work with on and off the table. Making the practice available throughout your day – from standing the grocery store line, to driving your car, to riding your bike or climbing a mountain, to sitting at your desk, or being with friends and family.

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