No one said the long road of recovery was easy, especially as a pedestrian hit by a drunk driver. Shawn is amazing, not only does he help with bodywork, he helps relieve stress and to strive for balance. After struggling with everyday tasks and the demands as a busy corporate professional, I came to appreciate Shawn’s grounded healing approach. It was more than just healing scarred muscles, pain and tension; it was about a holistic approach for my optimum health, well-being and peace of mind.

Margarita Alarcon, Media Relations Representative


Most frequent questions and answers
  • $70 for 30 minutes
  • $135 for 60 minutes
  • $200 for 90 minutes

For appointments please call (970) 987-8877

I ask that you kindly give me 24hrs notice. Any sessions cancelled less than 24hrs will be charged for the full amount. Please confirm with me that i have received your cancellation via text or over the phone, no email please. I understand that life happens and in situations such as an unexpected illness or emergencies i will make an exception. Please be respectful of this though, this is my living and cancelled appointments are lost income. 

Cash, check or credit card

Unfortunately due to the amount of administration now required I no longer accept insurance. I will however provide you with the necessary documentation to submit directly to your insurance company. Many of my clients have done this and have been fully reimbursed for their treatments.

I will communicate with all concurrent practitioners or therapists to complement what is already being treated and ensure that you are getting the most from your time, money and energy invested.

I am eager and willing to work with clients of all ages. For those with serious medical conditions I may need to speak to your primary care physician and or get your physicians approval before starting your bodywork therapy program. 

Depending on what is going to be practiced during the session will determine the attire. Generally I will ask my clients to bring or wear loose fitting clothing that doesn’t constrain movement such as cycling or gym shorts and sports bras or comfortable undergarments for women. We can discuss this while booking your appointment.

Active Release

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