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What some of my clients would like to share with you...

Shawn is a very compassionate, knowledgeable, and intuitive bodyworker. I trust him enough to release the emotions that were tangled up with my physical pain. Healing happens on many levels of the mind, body and spirit. Shawn has the abilities to access these different levels along with the heart to hold the space for deep healing. Our work together has allowed me to gain my freedom once again along with the joy of being pain free. I do not worry about constant setbacks as I had for so many years. I am getting better and stronger every week. I would not be at this point in my life without Shawn’s knowledge and guidance, and for that I am truly grateful.
Diana Lowe
Shawn came to me with the highest of referrals so my expectations were very high to begin with. To say he did not disappoint would be a huge understatement. In addition to all the work, exploration and study that Shawn has done to master his profession, he is plain and simple just a natural born healer! He has a huge passion for what he does. I am only in Colorado part time as of now but I make it a point to schedule with him every time I’m there. I so look forward to the day that I can see him on a more regular basis.
Elyse Rothenberg
Licensed Acupuncturist
I really enjoy the sense of openness and compassion I feel when working with Shawn. His combination of technical skill and intuition creates a safe space for true healing to occur. I feel like I can let my body do what it needs to and trust that he will respond with an awesome sense of awe, which opens the space for healing even more!
Kathryn Buntin
Licensed Massage Therapist
As a chiropractor I deal with many bodyworkers. I am always impressed with Shawn's knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics and his eagerness to understand soft tissue ailments from a structural standpoint. I know that when I receive bodywork from Shawn it is a holistic treatment that dives into the depths of therapeutic healing.
Dr. Michelle Clark
Doctor of Chiropractic
After years of racing and training and many related injuries, my body is very particular and needs special attention. Shawn's knowledge of bodywork techniques is unparalleled. He can always help my body find a way to heal.
Melissa Mantak
World Cup Champion, USA Cycling & Triathlon Level 1 Coach
The word I would use to describe Shawn's bodywork is 'integral.' I leave a treatment appreciating not only good balance on my feet but within my heart. Shawn's integrated technique can be transformational if a client partners in the process. I highly recommend Shawn to all my friends.
"G" Winter
Organization Development Practitioner
From the very first meeting and consultation with Shawn and subsequent treatments he changed my life and gave me back the lifestyle I treasured dearly and had not been able to enjoy in earnest for the last 5 years. Shawn took the time to really listen to the issues I was having and then explain the process he felt was required. He was the first bodyworker in a longtime to understand that some of the problems I was experiencing was due in part to my very early hip injury which led to the current combination of Spondelolethesis, Stenosis, bulged and herniated discs and pain. He worked with me and continues to, allowing the muscles in my hips and back to relax and release and has helped me understand how and when to stretch to keep the muscles from going into spasm. He continues to listen and constantly is asking how I feel, WHAT I feel and where and is constantly analyzing if there is pain, what is causing it and finding a way to resolve it. Shawn is not only a professional, but also a great person. He listens and cares about what I and his patients say and what is working or not, what hurts or not and what helps or not. I can tell you that after dozens of years of being told WHAT to do and blindly doing it vs. discussing what the issues are and what WE can do to truly fix this is a change that has changed my life. I realize I’ve used that phrase a couple times, but when you deal with pain and uncertainty for over 25 years and you feel there is nothing else out there and then you find someone and some way to get that part of your life back that is so important, it’s hard to find words to describe it. Shawn has given me the life I love back to me and I would be honored to speak with anyone who has doubts not only about the process, but Shawn and his ability to listen and help people with genuine care. Thanks Shawn for all you’ve done!
Mike O’Connor
General Contractor
I went to see Shawn for the first time after a car accident. According to my doctor, I had lesions all along the lumbar spine. After even one session with Shawn, I felt like I was significantly better and much more comfortable. He helped me to heal tremendously, and now only a few weeks later I am as good as new, maybe even better than before!
Kate Ross
Clinical Professor/Yoga Teacher
I’ve been a regular client of Shawn Hadley for over five years now. I’ve tried others, but find Shawn outstanding, in a class by himself. Shawn is a complete professional, from his licensing to his studio environment to his abilities. Everything is first-rate. Shawn listens, encourages and assists. He is compassionate, thoughtful and thorough. A session with Shawn is a value-packed, relaxing and rewarding experience.
John Kelly
Accounting Manger
I've been fortunate enough to experience the benefits of bodywork for many years. I would have to say Shawn is one of the best touch practitioners I've been to. There were many energetic releases, which caused deep relaxation that I have not experienced with most other practitioners.
Reggie Lafaye
Computer Programmer
Shawn’s combination of skill, intuition and compassion enabled him to help me recover from muscle pain that other bodyworkers had not been able to “budge”. I appreciate Shawn’s caring and professionalism.
Kristen Will
LMT/Anatomy Instructor
Shawn has been a great inspiration. He has helped me connect with my spiritual self and through our sessions created a gateway to help me pursue my own well-being. Through his technique, Shawn has shown a caring touch that has guided me to certain goals I have set for myself. I have overwhelming appreciation for the times I have worked with him.
Leslie O'Donnell
I can say that Shawn is the best bodyworker that I have seen, and there have been a lot over the years. His intuition shines time and again as he always seems to know exactly what areas need to be worked, lengthened, released, and/or pampered. I have had two knee surgeries within the last 13 months, and Shawn has been an integral part of my recovery and healing, with great results, I might add. I can't recommend him and his services enough!!! It is magic!
Julie Hale
Insurance Broker
I have had the fortunate pleasure of working with Shawn Hadley since the inception of his practice, and it has been nothing but a wonderful experience. With each session, I felt a noticeable difference and progression in his work, especially with his deep desire to grow and learn. One of the biggest things that sets Shawn apart from many bodyworkers, is the profound intention that goes in to everything he does. From the truest place, Shawn always wants to focus exactly on what I (the client) want to focus on, and together we set a meaningful intention for our session. Another thing that sets him apart is his gratitude. Shawn always expresses so much gratitude for being given the chance to help someone on his or her healing path. Personally, I have a chronic illness that requires a continuous and ongoing effort to maintain balance & positivity, as well as placing a large amount of physical, mental, and emotional energy in to healing and being healthy. Shawn has played an integral part in this process for me and I am unbelievably grateful for him for this special role he carries. I would recommend his services to anyone. Enjoy!
Kelly Shroads
Professional Photographer/Designer/Artist
Shawn is the most in-touch therapist around. His ability to sense my specific needs is unparalleled!
Rob Layne
Security Consultant
Shawn’s healing energy is almost tangible to me. He is so very helpful and I always feel stronger and more peaceful after each session. He is a great blessing in my life. Thank you Shawn!
Sherri Barnett
USTP Paralegal Specialist
Shawn, thank you for your tremendous efforts on behalf of my well-being. It is wonderful working with a bodyworker of your caliber, who really cares for his clients in a holistic manner. I always leave your office feeling totally relaxed, refreshed and well cared for.
Jann Griffiths
Before my treatment I strained my back lifting weights and was in spasm. After Shawn's treatment my back felt so loose my spine naturally adjusted itself as I stretched. Shawn is a gifted healer who makes you feel loved and nurtured, and I appreciated his being fully present with me during the entire hour.
Dr. Richard Kronen
Doctor of Chiropractic
I have been to many bodyworkers over the course of about fifteen years and Shawn is the only one that I have returned to, repeatedly. He was excellent to begin with, and though I didn't think it was possible, continues to get better. I am grateful that I have found him!
Melissa Byers
Mechanical Engineer
When I tell people that Shawn has “magic hands”, it’s a very difficult concept for some to comprehend. It’s not just bodywork; it is an experience - a healing experience, a spiritual experience, a relaxing experience. Whatever your bodymind seeks out at a given time, Shawn has a gift for tapping into it. I initially went to visit him, seeking out a muscle release and was blown wide open! Since, my visits with Shawn provide me with a wide spectrum of things from release, relaxation, increased energy, guidance and motivation. I can’t say enough except, visit Shawn and yours to be “magic hands”.
Kelly Layne
Marketing Consultant
Simply put Shawn Hadley is awesome. He delivers the goods. I rate his bodywork in the top 1% globally, and I get around! He has a solid technical background and means true “body-tuning” business. He is fully involved, cares and enjoys what he is doing. As a professional athlete himself, he has helped top athletes reach their full potential. He is energetic and in the zone. He is a great listener, focuses on you, and engages you in a communal flow work session, accompanied with “to go” exercises. Yes, there is homework, but it pays off. He is determined to help you heal your injuries and dysfunctions. He expertly uses an array of techniques, including Active Release Techniques and Myofascial Release, varying upon circumstance. If you have not yet, you will also enjoy discovering Shawn’s multiple facets as well as his humor, kindness, openness, and humility. Enjoy riding the wave with him towards full physical and mental bliss.
Nicky Glineur
Shawn's unique ability and understanding of the body provide me space to get very present, relaxed, and focused in the now, which allows me more choices in how to respond to the pressures and stresses in my everyday life. Plus, I always feel great afterwards.
Jed Seigle
Account Executive
Shawn truly is a natural healer. I'm quite experienced when it comes to bodywork, having been to many practitioners. I can honestly say that Shawn is one of the very best! He incorporates many different techniques, and is very in tune with what my body needs. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for more than just an everyday massage.
Tara Eisler
Mortgage Broker
Working with Shawn has been a pleasure and an honor. He has the gift of neutralizing his energy to meet me, as I am when I walk through his door. He listens with sincere concern to what I tell him verbally, as well as intuitively to what my body, mind and spirit say they need as he works with me on the table. Shawn has a great deal more to offer his clients than just physical touch. If self-evolution is important to you, then Shawn is someone who can help you work through many aspects of that in your life.
Cara Hines
Working with Shawn is more than simply bodywork, but a physical and spiritual journey that I am always excited to take. I have felt the effects of working together in all areas of my life with less pain, reduced stress and more awareness. The way he connects with people makes working with him a pleasure and I would highly recommend his work to anyone seeking a spiritually physical guide to relieving life’s challenges.
David R. Barrett
Restaurant General Manager
Shawn is a natural healer. He brings the perfect balance of skill, compassion, integrity, and sensitivity to his practice. If you are looking for a bodyworker look no further, you've just found the best!
Sharine Wenzel
Account Representative
I've never met a more inspiring healer! Shawn's incredible presence and work have awakened me to a more conscious way of life. I feel empowered to continue my journey of self-discovery and enlightenment.
Rachel Brenneman
Marketing Professional
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