Muscle Energy Technique

Shawn is a very gifted body worker. I saw Shawn for an old ski injury in my shoulder. After 2 sessions of Active Release Technique in my shoulder, my range of motion was greatly improved. Granted I likely need more sessions, but great improvement. As a doctor, I highly recommend Shawn for any bodywork needs.

Amy Denicke, Doctor of Chiropractic

What is Muscle Energy Technique?

Muscle Energy Technique (MET) describes a broad class of manual therapy directed at improving musculoskeletal or joint function, and reducing pain through the use of gentle stretches that utilize the clients own muscle contraction/energy. MET is a direct and active technique – meaning it engages a restrictive barrier and requires the patient’s participation for maximal effect. A restrictive barrier describes the limit in range of motion that prevents the patient from being able to reach the baseline range of motion. As the patient performs an isometric contraction, the following physiologic changes occur:

  • Golgi tendon organ (proprioceptive receptive sensory tissue) activation results in direct inhibition of agonist (prime mover) muscles
  • A reflexive reciprocal inhibition (apposing muscle relaxation) occurs at the antagonistic (opposition to the prime mover)  muscles
  • As the patient relaxes, agonist and antagonist muscles remain inhibited allowing the joint to be moved further into the restricted range of motion.

Shawn uses a variety of Muscle Energy Technique to best serve his clients to treat somatic dysfunction, especially aiding in decreased range of motion, muscular hypertonicity, and pain. Frequently he will administer MET during treatment and give his clients MET to incorporate into a self-treatment plan.

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