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Manual Therapy. Mindfulness. MoveMent.

As a client of Shawn Hadley, I have experienced what few practitioners of the healing arts are capable of delivering – true integration of the body, mind and spirit. I highly recommend his holistic approach if you are searching for more harmony in both your life and body.

Jay Brenneman, Executive Coach and Consultant

Manual therapy. Mindfulness. Movement.

Is your movement compromised due to a recent surgery, nagging injury or overuse pattern? Are you looking to improve your ability to perform in your daily activities? Do you want to find relief from stress and incessant thoughts that are having an impact on your overall health and well-being? Want to find a new way of finding ease and flow in the adventures of life? If so…

Shawn Hadley Bodymind Therapy is a solution to help you find your path to well-being and optimal performance.

Shawn Headshot2 Myofascial ReleaseHello I’m Shawn Hadley. I specialize in Myofascial Release, Active Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, Muscle Energy Technique, Conscious Living and Mindful Movement along the beautiful Central Coast of California.

You can improve your performance, decrease your recovery time and find your peak potential in your everyday endeavors. Using various forms of manual therapy, we can greatly improve your range of motion, free up nerve entrapments, lengthen shortened and hypertonic muscles, break down scar tissue and enhance collagen remodeling, reduce adhesion, muscle cramping, inflammation, spasm and pain, and increase flexibility and strength. We can identify and address areas of tension and overuse patterns before injury occurs. Instead of being in pain and fear of a distressing injury you can experience kinesthetic feedback – feeling your muscles relax, joints decompress and a greater sense of ease with movement and breath.

You can also improve your sense of well-being, mental outlook and perception of life. Through simple awareness based and movement practices, we can shift into levels of mind that cultivate a greater capacity to deal with pain and stress, form a deeper connection with our Self and others, and live a fully satisfied life in the Now. As well as develop the ability to move vital life force energy to lower blood pressure, reduce chronic pain and inflammation, improve sleeping and poor breathing patterns, and posture. Instead of living in pain or fear as to what hurdle is next you can experience mental and emotional relief – feeling your body relax, your heart and mind open and a greater sense of ease simply living.

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I help clients cultivate well-being, optimal performance and peak life experience, through my integrated bodywork, mindfulness and movement methodologies.

I invite you to explore this website and discover exactly how I can help you too.

I look forward in helping you cultivate well-being and optimal performance,
Shawn Hadley
Awareness Based Manual Therapist

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